mandag 11. november 2013

# 27 - Today's models ???

An article from Catholic Online:

Yes, it's a strange world we live in. Is it possible for you to look for good role models other places than in the secular media? I hope you will think about it and start (or continuing) to look for good catholic role models either among the living or by the saints. I try the best I can. It's much more difficult to live one's faith today than it was before, but Jesus has said: "But the one who endures to the end will be saved." (Mt 24:13).

That doesn't mean to be perfect. God has left his "Mercy Seat" with us, the confessional. So there is always a way back if we want it when we have missed the sight of our end goal, to be with God, the angels and the saints forever.

God bless!

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