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# 24 – After such a long time we will have to repeat. II

Continued from the first part ...

So far we have summed up that if one wants to give faith a chance after leaving it or when one is in deep doubt, it would be wise to picture oneself as a trusting child (dwell for some moments in that feeling), then to reflect of what has happened between then and now (how one has come to this stage of doubt or unbelief if one are there). I presented a row of questions to answer (if it was this or that that eventually had caused the doubt or loss of faith).

In blogpost #4 I tried to present my point with humor. I had forgotten to put my name on the blog, and the posts came out signed «About me». This led me to think about that this is really the collective shouting from the Western World to day. Everything is centered around us. That's what the world teach us. The anti-God world is wrong. We are supposed to be centered about God. The question is: What does God want from me, not how much can I get from God.

To understand how important this is we have to see that those who don't believe in God, don't need to question what the purpose of life is either. But we who, even if we doubt, deep within have faith in God, need to ask that question.

God created us because he wanted us. Our destiny is to be with HIM. All that we do should be centered around that. It is not about me, but about God and how we can do our best to follow His will!

We have to take a lot of decisions in our lives, from how to do our homework in school, - how to prepare for our Confirmation, - how to chose how we want to earn our living (what education) - how to chose the one we are to marry, - how to raise our children, - how to do this and how to do that ....

Of course it is about us when we want to find out if we want to be a dentist or a doctor, a salesperson or a carpenter. But we are supposed to pray for God's help while trying to find out were we think we can do our best. Later on, when we have found a job, we have to do that job as good as we can, because that is what God wants of us.

The question that we always have to ask ourselves (either if we are studying, working, parenting, doing sports and so on ) is: Am I doing this only for myself? How can I include God in this?

To be continued ...

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