mandag 4. november 2013

# 23 – After such a long time we will have to repeat. I

In blogpost # 2 I asked you to find a picture of yourself as a child and to try to remember how it was to trust God.

I wrote: «(This blogpost was meant for those who have fallen away or who have come into a period of doubting. If you never was thought to believe you can still think back trying to remember some episodes in your life with complete trust in someone. It is how it feels to trust I want you to reflect on, not on good or bad consequences of your trust).»

This is important because Jesus himself has said: «Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven» (Mt 18:3).

In the next blogpost (# 3) I asked this question: «What is your problem with faith?» and gave you these options:

  1. Is it difficult to believe because there are so many religions and you don't know what to believe anymore?
  2. Is it because others have pointed out to you that they don't like the «cruel god» in the OT?
  3. Is it because you feel ashamed of being a believer among atheists (No valid proof)?
  4. Is it because of all the scandals in the Church that have been uncovered in the last years?
  5. Do you feel that the Bible is outdated and was written for people of another time?
  6. You don't believe in authority?
  7. Are you angry at God because He took something from you (your friend, your job or something else)?
  8. Private reasons? 
I asked you to write down your reasons: «When you have written it down, please try to think about what has changed since you were a strong believer as a child (if you were that. It might also happen that nobody thought you to believe and that your problem is if it's worth trying to believe in God).»

The reason for writing down your answers and think about the difference between now and then was because it could be good to have something written down to look back to and to have an opportunity to reflect upon what happened in between that had (for the time being) ended in doubt or non-belief.

I said: «... to remember how it was before your faith was covered with clouds».

To be continued ...

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