søndag 3. november 2013

# 22 - I'm sorry!

I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to follow up my blog. There are more than one reason for that, but the one who perhaps counts most is that I have been  sick for parts of the time that has gone  and have had very little energy to my disposition. My energy is still not at the top, but I hope to continue my blog in the nearest future.

For new readers: This blog is not to be read as blogs usually are read. It is a blog I write as some form of "Thank You" to the Lord for calling me home to the Catholic Church. I'm Norwegian and raised in what was often called The Norwegian State's Church. It's a Lutheran church and it is no longer a State Church. It's official name is "Den norske kirke" (The Norwegian Church).

I was a God believing person since I was a little child. I used to take God seriously. Still I lost my faith when I came in contact with those who claim that God doesn't exist. If losing faith could happen to me, it can happen to everybody if they are not careful enough. God, however is love and seek out his children like Jesus told us in the parable of the lost sheep (Lk 15:4-7).

I answered yes to Gods call when I was called  back and prayed for being led on the right path. That resulted in being led to become a member of the Catholic Church after some years.

Since I know how easy it is to be led away from Christ, I have wanted to help others to not leave God or to find back to God's path. In some sense I felt that was what God was calling me to do after I had been received into the Church. It was so strong feelings and thoughts that came up inside me, that it was difficult to explain it in other ways then that this was what God wanted me to do .As a matter of fact I protested and asked for something else to do. These thoughts didn't stop until I agreed to do so when I would be ready to do it.  I think we all have our purpose in life and may be this is one of mine. If God really wants me to write He will help. When writing this I have been catholic for more then eleven years, have done a lot of reading  and  been through some Bible studies and more. I'm educated as a Psychologist. I have prepared children for their first communion for about 7 school years. So that's me, an ordinary catholic who like to read and have been enrolled in some Bible studies as I suppose many others have been too. I cannot guarantee that my English writing will be perfect (after all it's not my first language), but I hope that it is not so awful that it will scare you away ...

As said: "This blog is not to be read as blogs usually are read. To benefit from this blog you have to start at the first blogpost as if it was the first chapter in a book and then continue step by step "upward!. If you have friends that reads here, please tell them to start from the beginning. I will write in an easy language so everybody who wants it, will be able to follow. I have a belief in the simple. God came to us as a tiny little baby, so why not keep it simple? After all one has to have an open mind to be able to listen to God.

I hope I can be of some help and look forward to continue the writing as soon as possible. I will not write every day, but posts will come ....

While waiting for me to continue, may be it's an idea that you repeat the topics?

(This presentation was for new readers who have not read the "About me" (Om meg). It is also meant to remind old readers about what this is all about).

God bless you all!

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