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# 25 – After such a long time we will have to repeat. III

Continued from blogpost #24:

That post ended like this: «The question that we always have to ask ourselves (either if we are studying, working, parenting, doing sports and so on ) is: Am I doing this only for myself? How can I include God in this?»

If we don't ask these questions there are sure somebody who wants us to be still and not ask them. In blogpost #7 I break all modern norms by talking about the Devil and referring to a book written by Father Fanzaga: «The Deceiver – Our Daily Struggle With Satan».

The fallen angel is a catholic dogma which we are supposed to believe if we are not to be called heretics. Dogma 62 says: «Our first parents became subject to death and to the dominion of the Devil». Scary isn't it? Well it would be if we hadn't had the good angels to protect us. That they are her to protect us is stated in dogma 69.

There are priests that think that the youth are so full of anxiety that they have to spared from hearing the truth about the devil. This is pure foolishness and it is to underestimate the youth. The devil cannot do anything without our free will to follow his lead, but if people don't know about the devils existence or think he is some ridiculous figure from a fairytale, they have no ways to prevent themselves from his bites. To not know of this evil spirit is much more dangerous. My experience with the youth is that they appreciate honesty. Well, the devil is part of the catholic dogmas!

Link to blogpost # 7 about the Fallen angel:

After talking about the devil, I asked a very important question in blogpost #8. I asked: «What is the most beautiful about you?» May be it's wise to think about your beautiful traits? They are laid down in you from God from your beginning in your mothers womb, and they are developed more by you after you were born and grow up. It might happen that there are more beauty in you then you are aware of. I think I will link to blogpost #8 too:

Well, if you are going to think about the beauty that is laid down in you, I suppose you have a little (big) job to do.
I don't know if you are an "old reader" here or just a person who found this blog now. If you are new I advice you to go to blogpost #1 and take it slowly from there as if the blog is a book. If you are only repeating, I suppose you have your old notes and can jump in and take it from here.

To be continued.

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