tirsdag 5. november 2013

# 26 – After such a long time we will have to repeat. IV

Continued from blogpost 25:

After thinking a bit about the beauty God has laid down in you (if you are a former reader to the blog), I think it is wise to take a quick look at blogpost # 10 and #11 to see if anything has changed in you regarding the question: «Is it difficult to believe because there are so many religions and you don't know what to believe anymore?» That was the first question I presented to you in the beginning (#3).

In blogpost # 10 I tried to show that there might be positive aspects in other religions, but that they lack the redemption of Christ:

The next post is called: # 11 – Why Catholic? (continuation from # 10).

In the posts #13 and #14 I try to give some thoughts to this question from blogpost #3: «Is it because others have pointed out to you that they don't like the «cruel god» in the OT?»

Blogpost #13:

Blogpost #14:

Now, when the repetition has come so far, there are no more old questions to repeat (if you have felt the need for a repetition).

That means that both you and me can continue with the next questions I advised you to think about in the beginning. (And new readers begin at the beginning, blogpost # 1 or there about).

Let's continue with fresh eyes and thoughts. (No more repetitions). I feel that I have built a bridge between my former posts and my new entrances. I hope the readers feel the same. At least I feel that I can let you have some time to get used to the blog again. See you later (days or a week or two).

Here I want to post a prayer:

+Dear God, you know that I write this blog
to try to help those who need to think
about some important questions
in a simple way before they
move on ...
Oh, Lord my God,
Please help both reader
and writer to
be able to do this
in a way that is beneficial.

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