onsdag 1. august 2012

# 1 - God's ways can be mysterious.

This picture shows the Church of Virgin Mary in Krakow, Poland. I'm showing you this because 12 years ago something happened to me in this Church. I was on a bus trip around to different places in Poland. Among other we visited the concentration camp, Auswitz, outside of Krakow. In this camp many people, especially Jews, were gassed to death at WWII. As you probably understand, I didn't feel very well after the visit to the camp were so many children and adults had been murdered and were Dr. Mengele had tried out his horrific experiments on children.

In despair I left my travel company and went right to the Church of Virgin Mary in Krakow. I was still a protestant and only wanted to pray. I didn't know that I had placed myself right in front of the Tabernacle. There in front of what I didn't know what was, I suddenly experienced feelings of calmness and I felt comforted, like as some day there would be hope and no more terror. The cruel sides of people wouldn’t last forever. After a while I left the Church and joined the others for dinner.

Some years later, then a catholic, I got a strange feeling about that God wanted to show me something in the Church of Virgin Mary in Krakow. I bought a ticket for a plane and off I went some weeks later. Guess what happened? As a catholic I recognized the red lamp that signalized the presence of Christ in the Tabernacle right in front of were I had felt so comforted after visiting the concentration camp. I had been close to Christ in the Eucharist without knowing it while the peace fell upon me on that terrible day.

So this was God's message to me: God is with us in whatever situation we happen to be. I was extra happy to participate in the Eucharistic meal that day and very grateful because God had called me home to the Roman Catholic Church!

God's roads are really mysterious, aren't they?

(I will not have time to write regularly, so please show patience while you wait for the next blog-post. Look back now and then).

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