fredag 10. august 2012

# 5 - Why bother spending time on you?

Well here we are, you and me, you reading, me writing. So why are we doing this? I suppose you have your private reasons. But me, why am I at the computer instead of using my time on other things. I could have gone to the theater, a cinema, go out swimming or whatever ... Instead I'm here... Why? Well, I have thought of it for a long time that the Western world are in so many ways opposed to God, that it probably will be more and more difficult for people growing up these days to not be tempted to give up their faith or to reduce it to something far from what it really is, mix their own religion etc. Catechesis might vary from church to church all over the world, so it might also happen that you don't know your faith. What one doesn't know well, is not difficult to leave.

I think that's the devils influence upon people in the world is increasing. I will not talk about this fallen angel, yet, only remind you, for the moment, that he is not the joke that so many people think he is. (See about the Church's teaching in CCC 391 – 395). Later on I will come back and tell you how it has helped me to take seriously this creature who chose to turn into a monster. Yes, you are reading right: It has helped me to learn more about the devil than to do as many do: They act as this fallen creature doesn't exist.

Back to why I'm writing: It's not to point my finger at you and say «do this and do that». I don't think that works anyway. But in my professional life I have met all kinds of people, also young people, varying from feeling sad because their boy- or girlfriend had left them to people who wanted to learn to stop to do criminal acts. From the youth and young adults I have learned that they love honesty and that they don't need the rough things packed into soft paper.

It was an American priest who worked in my home-church some years ago that recommended me to start bogging. This priest knew me very well, knew my values and so on and also that I liked to write.

At first I didn't respond to his specific suggestion. To write a book seemed far more to prefer.

At the Sunday the 10. of June, this year, we had the Corpus Christi procession in my hometown. Afterward some of us went to a restaurant to have dinner. At the dinner table I mentioned for the first time my plans about the book I wanted to write. The same afternoon, we got the sad message that a beloved Norwegian priest, Father Arnfinn Haram, had died suddenly. Father Arnfinn was really good to preach faith and now he was gone on this beautiful day were catholic churches in some of the Norwegian cities had «marched» in a long procession after The Holy Eucharist in the Monstrance. To do that in Norway who is the land of protestants and atheists (more and more atheists every year) is very special! Father Arnfinn's death was a shock ... When it had sunk in, it was clear to me that if I wanted to write the book, I would have to do it soon, because I could never know when my day would come. It could be in 30 years, but it could also be to morrow ...

My health is not the best, so I wondered when I would have enough energy to write the book. I let it stay in my head to mature ...

This summer, I have visited Krakow with my family. As always, when I'm in Krakow, I spent some time in the Church of Virgin Mary to give thanks to God (See my input # 1 in the blog). Home again it suddenly was clear to me what to do; drop the book and start bogging instead, as I first was advised.

So this is what my motivation is about: I feel so much for the young (and for the youth inside the more older people – believe me their youth is there if you are willing to take the time to look for it behind their grown up facades). To spend time helping to clear out «this or that» for people who struggles to find their place in relationship to God in this God opposed world is a pleasure. I might write things that you like and also things that you wished I never talked about. However, I know the strength of the youth and older people who have not closed themselves from their «inner youth or inner child»: If you really want to be helped to not lose faith, you will continue reading!

Thanks, and God bless you for reading!

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