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# 12 – Why the Father, why not the living Christ in the Eucharist?

Well, in blog-post # 11 I told that none of the other religions can address God as Father. This is a very big difference. A God who is high above us and still makes himself familiar to us! I did not forget about the Eucharist. I only wanted to make it clear how much it really tells about God when we are allowed to speak to God as our Father.

When Adam and Eve fell for the trick of the Evil One (they were tricked to doubt what God had taught them) and hid in the bushes instead of confessing their sins witch God gave them the opportunity to do when he said: «Where art thou?» to Adam (Gn 3:9) and «Why hast thou done this?» to Eve (Gn 3:13).

Have you ever thought about how different it all could have been if our first parents had had the guts to stand up in front of God and begged for forgiveness?

Well, they didn't and because of that they had to face the consequences of their choice. They were thrown out of the garden. But still God loved mankind so much that he wanted to give man a new opportunity. The Father gave us a his Son who freely gave up his life in Heaven to meet us in flesh here on earth and to, after some years, pay the prize for our sins at the cross.

A lot of «things» happened between the fall of the humans and the birth of Jesus Christ. A lot of things also happened in the years between the birth of Christ and his self giving sacrifice for us on the cross. Here I will only remind you about what he said at the last supper: «And whilst they were at supper, Jesus took bread, and blessed, and broke: and gave to his disciples, and said: Take ye, and eat. This is my body» (Mt 26:26). He also said after taking the chalice: «And taking the chalice, he gave thanks, and gave to them, saying: Drink ye all of this. For this is my blood of the new testament (...)» (Mt 26:27-28).
In Mt 28:20 Jesus says: «and behold I am with you all days».
It is in the Eucharist that Jesus keeps the promise to be with His Church all days to the fullest. When the Catholic priest repeats the word of Christ in the Catholic Mass, Jesus becomes really present trough transubstantiation.
Can love be greater than when God (second person in the trinity) gives himself to us through his body, so that we slowly can become holy (some of us use a rather long time – but God is patient)?
This is God's love indeed!
Once (in the year 1263) there was a priest who doubted that Christ was really present in the Eucharist. When he celebrated Mass above the tomb of St. Christina (located in the church named for this martyr), something happened. The blood of Christ started to come out of the host. The priest, who had doubted the word of God about the promise of Christ to always be with us in the bread and in the wine, stopped the Mass and went to confession at the confessional of Pope Urban ban IV who stayed in the nearest city (a long way to travel in those days, but he did it).
This priest sat a good example for us. He had doubted like Adam and Eve once did. Unlike them he understood that hiding was not a good idea. Trough the Church's ministry of «God's Mercy-seat», the confessional, he got absolution (forgiveness).
So it is with us, also. The best cure for doubt is to go to the confessional. Remember that temptations don't always come from within alone. I have already (in blog-post 7, 2012) recommended you to read «The Deceiver – Our Daily Struggle With Satan» by Livio Fanzaga to get a better understanding about how this demon over all demons use our week sides to draw us away from God. From the book you can also learn how to resist this fallen spiritual creature as well. I recommend the book once more.
Back to the miracle of 1263. The miracle was investigated and found to be true. In 1264 Pope Urban IV instituted the feast of Corpus Christi.

The following link tells more about the events around the miracle:

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