tirsdag 11. september 2012

#17 – Nine-eleven!

Yes, yes, I know I promised to come back and talk about the other questions of blog-post #3 (2012), but today is a special day in the history. It is 11 years since the terrible terror attack at the 11 of September in the US. We had our own gruesome attack and killing on the 22 of July 2011 at Utøya here in Norway.

Violence and terror are against God's love. It is the quite opposite of love either the terrorist(-s) is (are) doing it out of this of that personal value. There is no excuse for killing innocent people!

Since many of my readers are here because they are close to lose their faith, are doubting or want to find ideas to be able to help friends who are doubting, I want to mention a trait that these two different terror attacks had in common afterward (and of course I'm not thinking about family, relatives and friends of those who lost their lives when I mention this "common trait") .

In the US we saw (at TV) many people praying together at street-corners. In Norway people flocked to the Church to comfort others and to be comforted themselves.

For the «think-tank»: If it's only when you feel depressed and full of sorrow, you talk to God, then it's not strange that thoughts of doubt sneaks in more often than once a while. (We all doubt a little from time to time).

To keep the relationship with God going, you have to do a little talking with him every day. Talk to him when you are sad, when you feel that your life is hopeless, but don't forget to talk to Him when days are ordinary and especially when they are good. Remember to thank him! I know that many do that every day. Their private  prayer life don't show outward. When I'm talking about the "think-tank", I'm addressing those who try to find their way back to God and don't understand that the relationship with God has to be something we participate in daily by prayers. I haven’t always had a regular prayer life, but now, as a catholic, I feel the need for daily prayer. That is the best way to secure that we are doing our part in our relationship with God.

If you have lost you former practice of prayer or never have prayed before, it might be wise to decide a time for praying and let your mobile remind you when it's time for prayer. A note placed at a spot where it is easy to see may function well as well. If you are here because you want to help somebody else, you might advice them to start their journey back to God by making a fixed daily prayer-time to get used to pray again.

Just tell God about what is in your mind. If you or your friends find that difficult, it might be wise to use a prayer somebody else has written.

Lord, teach us how to pray:

Sacred Space:

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