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# 19 - Don't waste  actual grace!

It's some time since I have had the time to write. I have not forgotten you or to comment the questions in blogpost # 3. The blog follows the same principle as before. New readers ought to start at blogpost # 1 «God's ways can be mysterious» (the First of August 2012) to benefit from the blog because the structure of the blog is like the structure of a book. It starts in the beginning and builds upon that.

I will write a special blog entry for now. Next time I will reflect about my trip to Fatima of October this year. Then I want to go back and try to go on talking about the questions I asked you to reflect upon in blogpost #3 (2012).

Have you ever thought about what it means to lose sanctifying grace?

Some of the the readers of this blog might have lost their sanctifying grace. That means that they might have been away from the Church for a long period of time, have sinned grievously, and have not been to confession. It can also mean that they never have been a member, but are thinking of it, so to speak, but have lost their sanctifying grace due to grave sin. Some practicing members of the Church might have lost it too, because they have failed to confess grave sins. Never baptized persons don't have it.

So, what is the difference between sanctifying grace and actual grace? We talked a bit about it in blogpost # 18. Sanctifying grace is what is poured out upon us in our baptism. The Holy Spirit dwells inside us. Sanctifying grace is grace from within. With grave sin The Holy Spirit leaves us and we will be without the holy push from within. God loves us dearly and will in such circumstances pour of actual grace. Actual grace is grace from without.

When God tells us from without, by actual grace, that he loves us dearly, we have to respond to that and not let it pass. If we let it pass, it's not so sure that we will recognize it next time. The more often we overlook it, the less we will hear it. This is what we call «to harden ones heart».

«Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation; in the day of temptation in the desert» (Hebrew 3:9 Doey-Rheims).

This is very important knowledge to reflect upon if you are doubting for a long period or have not got the guts to find an introduction course (RICA in America) as a stepping stone to enter the catholic church if you don't belong to her, but might have wanted to ....

If you are without sanctifying grace (which will be given back to you at confession) you only have to rely on the actual grace. You might easily become a victim of all the evil in the world without sanctifying grace ...

So please listen to God when he calls you! As long as you want to believe God will follow you at the path that leads to salvation.

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